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Location - Benigánim

This small but expanding town sits in the North East sector of the Valld'Albaida within the Communidad de Valencia.

Benigánim is surrounded by areas of great scenic interest. One example is La Solana, where they have located the remains of ancient settlements dating from the third millennium the period Chalcolithic Eneolithic of prehistory.

We are 60km from the city of Valencia, 74km from Alicante and 28km from the blue flag beaches of Gandía.

The landscaped gardens of'Las Orquideas' view the town from above. The octagonal tower of the 16th century church dominates the town center. The town itself is surrounded by agricultural land, predominately Orange and Olive groves with some Almonds, Peaches, Kakis and Vines.

During your stay you can be assured of meeting many interesting and extremely friendly residents of Benigánim, all of whom will help make this a wonderful, relaxing, rewarding and memorable holiday.

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