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A Typical Day

Typical Day

Tutored Painting Course - a typical day... ...starts with a very leisurely breakfast - this is Spain after all - including, when in season, fresh orange juice from'Las Orquideas' own freshly picked oranges, homemade marmalade, freshly picked figs all with bread straight from the local bakery... what better way to start the day. At about 10am the morning painting sessions begin with a short walk or drive to the chosen location for that day (each location being different).

These sessions are landscape in situ, with locations in or around Benigánim, where the beautiful scenery and light will allow the inspirational senses to flow. The sessions are fun, informative and non-competitive and are held in an extremely friendly, inviting and relaxing environment. Painting on Holiday are aware that this may be the first time some of you will have painted outdoors and the locations used are carefully selected to be mostly out of the eye of the public - hidden gems that are hard to find without the local knowledge that Painting on Holiday supplies.

The tutor guides you step-by-step through the planned progress of each painting.

Typical Day

The course starts with simple subjects designed to build confidence and skills in what may be an entirely new experience. The more experienced artist will be encouraged to try new techniques. You will have something new to discover and this new-found knowledge is easily transferred within such a small group of like-minded people.

We begin with the initial sketch/drawing of the subject, penciled loosely on the paper, focusing on structure, composition, perspective and contrast - while deciding on the lights and darks of the image in mind. Over the course of the week you will find your knowledge and skills increasing and this will be adding depth and space to your paintings.

Typical Day

At about 2pm lunch is provided either at'Las Orquideas' or perhaps in a local restaurant. This is followed by a free period, perhaps with a short siesta, where you can relax, in or by the pool; while for the more energetic there is tennis or petanque. Alternatively you may just want to sit and sketch or paint some of the beautiful scenery that can be seen from the many shaded locations within the magnificent garden setting. The studio is usually available for use if you wish to continue to develop on your morning's work, watch DVDs and listen to the various methods of dealing with contrast, color harmony, application and composition, revealing the techniques of the professional artist. Of course, Loly will be able to give assistance or offer advice, if required at this time.

Typical Day

By 8pm it is time to prepare for the evening meal served either in'Las Orquideas' or on occasion at one of the local restaurants.'Las Orquideas' has many ideal spots for meals; inside, during the cooler months, or preferably on the veranda overlooking Benigánim and the mountains beyond, as beautiful at sunset as during the heat of the day, or around the large Carob tree, or on the patio with its beautiful running water feature shaded by the vines and Kiwi fruits.

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